About Yann Hervis
Hervis comes from a lineage teeped in woodcraft. His father and grandfather were cabinet makers. "Wood", he says, "is in my blood".
Hervis was trained as a designer at the Orleans' school of art under Roger Toulouse, the painter. It was only much later that he adopted marquetry as the principal vehicle for expressing design. Since 1983, he has exhibited in Paris, New York, Chicago, Milan, Tokyo and Singapore. He mainly works with architects and galeries.
With the "palimpsests", Yann Hervis gives up marquetry and invents his own technique, his own vocabulary based upon "metamorphoses"...

According to the press

"The traditional art of marquetry has been given a new lease of life in the hands of Yann Hervis"
Susan TsangThe Straits Time

"Marquetry, in the hands of the French artist Yann Hervis is painting with woods. It is the creation of pictures and pictorial forms using wood as both canvas and palette"
T. Sasitharan

"World-renowned artist has transformed the centuries-old French tradition of marquetry into a gutsy, avant garde art form"
Sophie Kho • Design News

"Wood, that most ancient of materials is gaining an adventurous new spirit in the hands of some unlikely champions"
Laurie Schechter • Vogue



1996 Gold Medal - Chamber of Commerce, France
1995 First Prize Contemporary section - Conseil Général du Loiret, France
1987 First Prize Art object section - Neccon Chicago design sources - Spect. I, USA
1986 Furniture bought by the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris - for permanent collection

Some realizations

Frescoes and screens for the french embassy in Montévideo
Yves Saint Laurent portrait for his show-room in Chicago
Frescoes for MSD Chibret laboratory in Paris
13 screens created for the international conference room at the champs Elysées in Paris
Screen created for the French Consulate in Rio de Janeiro
2 screens created for the Hollywood Studios (Modern Props), Los Angeles
Frescoe (6n x 3m) created for J.C. Will Associates, Singapore
Screens for the Foreign Office in Paris
Tableaux for the French embassy in Tokyo (G7 1993)