The Palimpsest


The Medium


The observation

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The Observation

Palimpsests such as these exercise the eye, they invite a dynamic reading, a research which is active and rich with questions.

They are not only to be looked at, they are to be reacted to and deciphered, they incite the participation of the onlooker, they are to be penetrated like an ancient landscape. In accordance with ones fantasies, one finds reasons to dream, to discover and to touch - for these works are both visual and tactile. Traces of the artist's hand working the wood can be found everywhere, giving rise to shapes, signs and contours. The observer's hand wanders also, drawn to the wood grain and left wanting to lightly graze it, to touch, to feel, to gauge with his palm with a better understanding of this universe, to gather these images and tactile sensations, to harvest sensorial souvenirs.

Palimpsest : Tree & GPS data
The palimpsest induces a sensual contemplation and therefore is a concrete creation - or rather a transfigured figurative: it leaves room for conjecture, interpretation and reverie.

And the observer, roaming from one palimpsest to the other, adds his own dreams to those of the artist...